Sunday, May 12, 2013

Using Your Sizzix to go Green

Here are a few ideas I have learned to get even more use out of your Sizzix and other machine dies. The first several are GREEN ideas, as they use throw away items.
  • You can cut thin metals, such as aluminum pie plates. I made some silver snowflakes to use as Christmas ornaments this way. You can also layer the cut pieces of aluminum to make a sturdier piece and use it to make jewelry.
  • You can cut thin acrylic, such as the bakery containers you get at the grocery store. You can spray paint the acrylic piece once you have cut it. After the spray paint is dry, use a spray sealer on it to protect the color. The acrylic makes great, lightweight pieces for jewelry.
  • You can use your dies to make a stencil. The acrylic mentioned above works great for this. Cut the shape from the acrylic and then use the "negative" space that is left over as a stencil. The way you get double the use from that one piece of acrylic.
  • You can use your dies to create stamps. Cut the shape out of foam. You can then adhere it to a block of wood or use the acrylic blocks for the clear stamps.  Got a case on your cell phone? Did you know the clear stamps will stick quite nicely to it. Just be careful not to get ink all over it. 
(Contributed by Colleen Mailly, thank you.)

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