Friday, May 17, 2013

Shoe Shopping

A few weeks ago I brought my daughter, Rose, shopping for shoes.  She wanted new shoes for spring. While she was looking at the girl's shoes not really seeing anything she liked, the clerk came over and suggested she look at the women's size 5 shoes.  The helpful clerk explained to us that a girl's size 3 1/2 is the same size as a women's size 5. Of course, the women's shoes were all too grown up for her. She settled on a pair of girl's black wrap sandals with a 2" heel.  

Tonight my daughter informed me she needed a pair flat sandals for school. We went back to our local Payless and she found a cute pair of gold flats. I got to thinking why can't I look in the girl's shoes for a pair for me. The heels on women's shoes are ridiculously high and having ankle surgery a few years ago makes it very hard to find shoes that don't hurt my ankle. So after a bit of browsing and chatting with the helpful women there, I settled on the same pair of black wrap sandals my daughter has and a pair of pink peep toe espadrilles. This was the first time I have left a shoe store ecstatic about buying shoes. 

Below is a chart to compare sizes (please keep in mind girl's shoes are slightly wider than women's shoes):

Girl's             Women's
3 1/2                   5
4                         5 1/2
4 1/2                   6
5                         6 1/2
5 1/2                   7
6                         7 1/2

Happy shoe shopping to all those women who don't want shoes with 5" heels. 

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  1. Great info! I can't wear heels because of foot surgery so this is much appreciated.


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