Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hands-Free Cross Stitch Chart Holder

Whenever I do cross stitch I can never find a convenient place to put the stitching chart without having to constantly be picking it up to look at it.  Then if you trying to look where the stitches go, the chart is forever slipping or in the way of the stitching.  Also, if you are holding the chart you do not have two hands to stitch.  It took just a little bit of thinking to come up with this useful addition to my cross stitching tools.

This was very simple to make, only a couple basic supplies.  I got a 6" x 9" clipboard from my nearby box store.  I opted for a plastic one so it would be easy to keep clean. It has a retractable hanging tab just above the clip.

The next thing you will need is a 6" long piece of wire that you can bend.  I bent it in half around a  dowel to get make a nice curve.  Then I held the wire with my jewelers pliers about 3" from the bend and twisted the wire together a few times. At the twist, I bent the wire to make a hook.  I made a rough curved shape to fit around my cross stitch frame dowel  Below is the finished product.

Once the hook was made, I put the wire up against my frame's dowel and pressed the wire around the dowel to make the curved shape.  Try to make the wire to fit snug around the dowel so it stays put.

Finally, I made copies of my pattern and thread color charts and folded them so they fit on the clip board.  I made two copies of the thread chart because it is two columns and folded each copy to show each column.

The stitch chart is on top on the clip board with the thread charts underneath.  I had one copy of the thread chart at first but if the color was in the second column, the chart was upside down to view it.  Finally, to help you keep track of what you stitched, I use colored pencils with similar colors to color in the squares of the chart that are done.

This has proven to be a very useful addition to my crafting tools.  Later on, I plan on designing a much nicer looking holder to replace the prototype.  Happy stitching.

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